Get Financial Freedom

Money advice is everywhere, however statistics show that the average American family owes $6,700 in credit card debt and 76% of American households live paycheck-to-paycheck. My mission is to stop this trend and equip people to finally win with money. With a plan and a little sacrifice, you can reach financial freedom.

Save your Marriage

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Money fights are the number one cause for marital problems. This could be a daunting statistic, however when done right, you have almost 'divorce proofed' your relationship. Marriage is about unity, partnership, and commitment. We help couples come together to work through their differences, reach common goals, and build the life they've always dreamed. 

Equip your Team

Financial issues are the leading cause of employee stress. Employees say finances are a distraction at work, causing anxiety, absenteeism, and low morale in the workplace. Excessive debt, foreclosure, and feeling unprepared for retirement are common stresses. By offering help for your team they are more loyal, happier, more productive workers.

Personal finance is 20% head knowledge (the know how) and 80% behavior (your daily habits). Financial Integrity gives you the 20% and helps you form smart money habits (the 80%) needed for success.