Derrick Boger (founder of Financial Integrity) is a Money Coach that has been helping families win with money for over a decade. His character and integrity have been the cornerstone of his career. Derrick is a man of integrity and a passionate motivator with the heart of a teacher, that believes every person can and deserves to have financial success.

-----Ok, I'll stop talking about myself in the third person-----

At first I just wanted to learn how to better handle my own money. Working since age 14, with 8 years of military experience, and a degree in Accounting and Business Administration, I was on a quest to find out how to be smart with the money I earned. One thing led to another, and friends, family, and co-workers began asking me for money advice. Next thing I know, I was doing Money Talks at my church, and I was a Money Coach without ever planning to become one.

But enough about me—let’s talk about you. Whether you consider yourself middle-class, on a fixed income, or barely making it paycheck-to-paycheck, you need a money coach that is totally vested in you and your personal goals.

I may not have some dramatic jaw-dropping story, but I am a proud husband and father of two children. A man of integrity that allows my family to be my personal motivation for living life debt-free and helping others do the same. I have always believed in hard work and education as a means of moving ahead, and have the conviction that my life should be lived in service to others.