This generation wants to know about Money

School is where we go to learn about how to prepare for life, however money is one topic that's being ignored. I travel to schools preparing them for the "real world." As adults, we understand that whether the students will be an entrepreneur, a musician, a professional athlete, or a custodian, they'll need a solid foundation on how money works. 

The Money Talks are fun, engaging, and full of information the students need to be successful. My wife is a teacher and we have 2 school aged children, so I understand first hand how relevant it can be for students to be prepared. My passion is contagious and I get great joy when students comment (after the Money Talk) on how it has opened their eyes and potentially changed their futures forever. 

  • Wants vs Needs
  • Budgeting
  • Importance of Saving
  • Checking/Saving Accounts
  • Compound Interest
  • Investing
  • Giving Back

Money Talk Topics Include:

  • How to Make Money
  • What to Do with your Money
  • How to Make your Money work for you

"Best Money Talk ever!"

“Usually during school assemblies I don't pay attention, but this Money Talk was very interesting and I wanted to keep listening. I've always thought money was a scary topic, but now I feel prepared to handle it wisely."

— M. Cunningham

"Amazing presentation! He was awesome and pretty cool!"

“Very clear and informative. He was able to explain things about money to me that I wish my parents would do. Thanks for helping to change my financial future.”

— N. Morris

"I actually had fun learning today."

"We could see his passion and he taught us in a way we could all understand. He was engaging, motivating, and made me want to be successful.”

— Y. Abdelhaq



Let us help equip your students to win with money.