Why should I choose FI?

We care about you.

At FI you are a person, not a dollar amount of debt. We take the time to get to know you and learn your unique financial situation. We realize that financial struggles are one of the leading causes of divorce, depression and division. And we believe that when you transform your money, you ultimately transform your life.

Why do I need a Money Coach?

We motivate you.

Just like having a personal trainer when working toward fitness goals, a money coach is with you step-by-step, celebrating your victories and pushing you through challenging obstacles. There's nothing like having one-on-one support, motivation, and encouragement which helps you achieve maximum results. With a money coach you'll be more consistent, work harder, and reach your goals much sooner.

Why pay a Money Coach? Can I afford it?

We value you.

The real question is, can you afford not to? The average person will make over 2.5 million dollars in a working lifetime, yet we don't feel the need to get a plan for our money. We know that both your time and money are valuable and we strive to maximize both. Most clients don't have a money (income) problem, they have a spending problem. So why not spend your money on what really matters -- your future! The small fee for a session is no comparison to immediate improvement of your family's financial success.


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